Cottingham Cricket Club Tea Room | Timber Frame Project

About the project | Cottingham Cricket Club

CLIENT: Cottingham Cricket Club 
PROJECT TYPE: Sports Club Facility

System Products:

38 x 140mm Walls – PUR insulated Timber Frame

The use of pre-insulated timber frame walls can significantly reduce the time and labour required for on-site insulation installation. As the insulation is already integrated into the walls, there is no need for additional insulation. This saves both time and cost during the construction process.

Joisted Deck Roof – Rockwool Insulation 

A joisted deck roof is a type of roofing system that consists of a series of timber joists running parallel to each other, with decking boards laid across them. This forms a sturdy base on which the roof can be constructed.

This type of roof system is often used in construction, particularly for residential and commercial buildings. It is known for being cost-effective, easy to install, and flexible in terms of design.

At its core, a joisted deck roof provides a reliable and durable structure that can support the weight of roofing materials, insulation, and other components. It is a popular construction choice for those seeking a solid, dependable roofing system that will stand the test of time.

Ply Roof Deck 

Plywood is often preferred for roof decking due to its availability, ease of installation, and ability to withstand weather conditions. It provides a reliable substrate for attaching the roof covering and helps protect the roofing materials from weather and wind damage

Treated timber suspended Ground Floor Deck

A treated timber suspended ground floor deck refers to a decking system that is constructed using treated timber materials and is elevated above the ground level. This type of deck is often used in situations where the ground is uneven or prone to moisture, as the elevation helps to prevent direct contact between the deck and the ground.




TF200 is a breather membrane product offered by the company Glidevale Protect. It is a high-performance membrane meant for safeguarding external walls including roof while construction is happening.

Cottingham Cricket Club Tea Room | After many false starts and second-hand building being offered the committee decided to investigate the procurement of a purpose built Timber Frame building.

Frame Build UK (SIP Build UK) stepped in and have produced a building that the club will be able to enjoy for years to come.

The tearoom began assembly during one of the worst storms of the last few years, but with the hardwork of the contracts managers and fitters and some motivated volunteers from the club, the kit was assembled in 2 ½ days.  A fantastic effort by all involved.  The wind and rain eventually stopped on day 3 about 2 hours before completion – this was a very fitting way for a British cricket clubs facility to have the weather intervene!!

Cottingham cricket club gets a new tearoom utilising a timber frame system

"Worked closely with Sip Build UK over the building of our new cricket tearoom. From design to delivery and assembly it was faultless. Very professional company employing a friendly professional team. I’d certainly recommend and use for further projects."

If you are considering a Timber Frame system for your next project we’re here to help.