Timber Frame for Residential Developments

Timber frame For Residential Developments 

Pre Insulated Timber Frame Homes can provide improved thermal efficiency whilst enabling faster, more
predictable program times which reduce on site costs.

Timber frame is one of the fastest-growing sectors within the construction industry.

Widely accepted as a factory produced and offsite engineered solution to self-build homes, residential developments and schools.

Using the SBUK Group rigorous quality checks, design procedures and accreditations, FBUK is very
well placed to deliver the product that best fits almost any site.

Working alongside leading contractors daily and understanding the complexities of valuations, site safety and having a fully ticketed workforce is essential to the smooth running of most contracts.

  • All timber products used within our business are from sustainable sources. Either PEFC or FSC certified.
  • We produce Timber Frame panels in our factory, ensuring we meet both quality and consistency. Being ISO9001 accredited, we make panels to the highest standards available.
  • Timber Frame Systems can help achieve current Building Regulations easily.
  • Our typical panel uses a 140mm CLS timber stud at 600mm centres, and we provide a range of insulation options that help to achieve the desired U Value.
  • The thinner wall construction that can be achieved with our systems also increases habitable space internally providing benefits to both home owners and developers.
  • Environmentally, timber is the stand-out performer, possessing the lowest embodied carbon for any building material.

Client Testimonial

Private Housing & Apartments - London - Frame Build UK

"Millbrook Park has adapted the classic Regency style to address contemporary life. Formed around a private centralised courtyard garden, the main apartment building is split by a glass atrium, creating a marker for the entrance of the building, and visually linking the space with the Panoramic Park. Top floor penthouses feature roof terraces with views across London and beyond. Demonstrating our commitment to sustainable development, our homes at Millbrook Park will be heated from a central District Heating source, and distributed through a network of hot water pipes. We will also use materials with the FSC Recycled label, in recognition of the important role that reclaimed materials play in protecting the world’s forests."

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