Waterford Wick | Net Zero Carbon Homes

About the project

ARCHITECT: Vertex Architecture
CLIENT: Heritage Estates
PROJECT TYPE: Net Zero Carbon Homes

System Products:

140mm Walls – Pre-Insulated Timber Frame

The use of pre-insulated timber frame walls can significantly reduce the time and labour required for on-site insulation installation. As the insulation is already integrated into the walls, there is no need for additional insulation. This saves both time and cost during the construction process.

Attic Trussed Roof

Attic trusses are trusses specifically designed to create a livable space within the attic area.

Metal Open Web Internal Floors

A metal open web floor refers to a floor construction method that utilizes metal open web joists or trusses. This design allows for efficient routing of services and provides cost savings, ease of installation, and design flexibility. https://framebuilduk.co.uk/timber-frame-flooring/

Waterford Wick | Net Zero Carbon Homes | Sustainable homes are the focal point across the industry, Waterford Wick a development of 8 low running cost, net-zero carbon homes fully demonstrates what can be achieved with forward planning.

Designed to showcase the benefits of low-cost living whilst in a high-end exclusive surrounding, Waterford Wick breaks the trend achieving a net zero carbon build with Timber Frame being the fabric first approach to achieve this goal.

FBUK were specifically chosen to deliver their high performance thermally efficient Timber Frame system. This system was designed, manufactured, and delivered from a purpose build facility in the heart of Yorkshire. Utilising decades of experience in MMC, FBUK were able to deliver this innovative scheme to the clients exacting requirements, achieving higher thermal standards than what is currently required by building regulations.

FBUK ensured this by manufacturing a high performance frame including insulation, membranes, sealants and additional battens all to achieve a BBA approved external wall u-value of 0.10 W/m2K guaranteeing the build performance for the client.

The system was manufactured off-site in a controlled environment with quality checks at each stage ensured that on site install was seamless. The precision cut millimetre perfect system was installed in just 8 weeks for all 8 plots. This was achieved by building 2no adjacent plots at the same time reducing deliveries, quantity of cranes and labour required on site. All with a mindset of less carbon emissions and reducing impact on the local community.

By building these stunning homes at pace, this saved the client countless week’s worth of preliminary costs ensuring internal works could start on each dwelling immediately, further reducing the onsite time for the scheme.

Image Credit | Heritage Estates and Frame Build UK