St Edmund’s RC Primary School Wins RIBA Awards 2023

A new block was constructed for an existing school to accommodate students with special educational needs. The superstructure was built using a timber frame and SIPS panels, with several glulam beams and exposed angled steel beams. All internal walls were constructed using timber. The lower section of the roof was built with rafters and joists forming a 10 and 15-degree angle, forming a single-ply Bauder roof with standing seams. The higher mono-pitch roofs were created with rafters and split into two sections fixed to a timber plate over the exposed steel beam. The external walls were clad in cedar shingles to match the mono-pitch roofs.

Inside, the building had three classrooms, and each colour-coded to match the associated group rooms. The classrooms had bespoke furniture such as benches, window seats, and pigeonholes. In addition, the building was equipped with a hybrid ventilation system called “Breathing Buildings,” using air conditioning to heat and cool the building fed from an air source heat pump controlled through a BMS system.

A raised decking terrace was also built outside, with decked steps leading down to the school field. Congratulations to the Evers team for successfully delivering another project in the education sector.

Image Credits: TJ Evers

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